3 Questions About The Energy Performance Certificate For Houses In Belfast

The Energy Performance Certificates were introduced in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2008 as a legal requirement for all houses marketed for sale or to let. Many home owners still seem to be confused about the EPC requirement. EPC Belfast, who are Belfast’s main domestic energy assessors answer here the main questions.

Q: What do the Energy Performance Certificates show?

A: An EPC is a four-page document. It is an energy efficiency rating of your property, where your building’s energy performance is rated between A-G, where A scale means very efficient, and G means inefficient. This is similar to the energy rating of appliances. Getting an EPC became a legal requirement in 2008. If you fail to provide an Energy Performance Certificate  you may have to pay a fine. On the other side, having an EPC is useful as you can improve your building’s energy performance or get enough information regarding a building while renting it or buying it.

An Energy Performance Certificate provides you information regarding your property’s insulation and energy costs in electricity and water. Furthermore, it estimates how much billing can cost. The central part is that it enlists tips to improve and save you money regarding energy purposes. Moreover, you can order an Energy Performance Certificate from any estate agent or domestic energy assessor in Belfast. The EPC is valid for 10 years.

Q: To whom must I give or show an EPC?

A: When a building is newly constructed, it is your builder’s responsibility to provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate. If your house is old and you lack an EPC, you can get a copy of it from the EPC Register of Northern Ireland. You can call energy assessors to come and visit your property, so after inspection, you’ll get an EPC. If you rent or sell your property, you have to give the EPC to the estate agent. It is because they have to legally attach your energy efficiency report with sales documents for your property. When a buyer or a seller inquires about the property, they’ll be shown the EPC and the recommendation report. The sales material can be anything, such as:

  • Brochures
  • Property websites
  • Newspaper websites

Showing an Energy Performance Certificate is the legal responsibility of the seller or the agent.

Q: What is the requirement for displaying EPCs for Commercial Buildings?

A: The display of the EPC is not only important for residential properties but it is also essential for commercial buildings. So, for commercial buildings, especially those that the public visits, the display of the Energy Performance Certificate is critical. Furthermore, there are some very major requirements for the display of EPCs for commercial buildings. These requirements are the following:

  • The EPC must be displayed in some prominent area so that it can be viewed publicly
  • The EPC must be displayed with an advisory report
  • EPC for a commercial building must be produced by an accredited energy assessor along with the advisory report
  • The Energy Performance Certificate should be displayed in color in A4 size

All of this displaying responsibility for an Energy Performance Certificate is of the building owner or the one that occupies the building.

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